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What's in store


GEE's promise:

-to you-

GEE will do the hard work for you. We ensure that each product on our shelves is thoughtfully curated with you in mind. We strive to build relationships with our vendors and makers to ensure that you get the best products with the best ingredients. We take the guessing out of shopping sustainably and only work with those whose mission aligns with GEE. You will never have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

-to the planet-

GEE was born with Mother Earth in mind. We believe through small actions great change can be made, and that starts here. GEE ensures that each product on our shelf is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, or completely unpackaged. Our products only use clean simple ingredients you will feel good about. We work with many brands that give back to organizations that do good for our earth and we pride ourselves on being committed to caring for her. 

Bath and body


Kitchen and household

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